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Brandon Nissan’s finance department has an auto loan solution for you, whether you’re Murano shopping with a pristine credit rating, are exploring your LEAF options with no credit or would like to take home an Altima with a sub-prime credit rating! Complete our new and used Nissan dealer’s credit application online from your Bradenton, Florida, home to get your information quickly and securely to our loan professionals, or simply drop by our convenient location. We’ll negotiate the competitive auto financing terms that you deserve!

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Vehicle Features


The advanced Nissan Airbag System with dual-stage airbags also has sensors in the seat belt, and an occupant sensor that adjusts the inflation of the airbags depending on the severity of the impact and the use of the belt. In addition, two side airbags are integrated into the seats and move with you when you adjust the position of your seat. It also has curtain airbags mounted on the roof to protect the heads.


Knowledge is king, and that’s why Nissan’s integrated Navigation System keeps you one step ahead of the others.


There is enough space for important things in life, such as golf clubs, snowboard equipment and travel bags for weekend getaways with your 2-seater sports car. The trunk of the Nissan 370Z has a gate with a wide opening for easy access, and with the retractable tray you can keep your luggage hidden.

 Sports car Nissan 370Z Coupé – Seat storage


Inside the passenger compartment there are storage trays behind both seats and a practical space under the passenger seat, as well as a hidden compartment behind to store your valuables.Driving is something serious. Use NissanConnect services only if it is safe to do so. Certain applications may not be available in some markets. NissanConnect is a subscription service, but it is available for free during the two years following the purchase of the vehicle. The service and applications are only available in certain European countries on certain Nissan models. It is possible that the service and applications are provided by third parties outside of Nissan’s control. Both are subject to change without notice or liability by Nissan or its agents (including, among others, cancellation and suspension of services by third parties). Certain remote functions require a compatible phone or device, which is not included with the vehicle. Mobile networks are provided by mobile phone companies and are out of Nissan’s control. Mobile networks are not available in all areas. Roaming charges or data usage may apply. Nissan is not responsible for the replacement or improvement of any equipment or associated costs that may be necessary to continue using the services in case of changes in them.

General analysis of the Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z is a classic two-seater coupe: powerful 328 hp gasoline engine placed in the front position and rear-wheel drive. The market arrived in 2009 to replace the 350Z, although in 2013 the range received some minimal touches to confirm it as one of the most exciting sports coupes on the market.Regarding the Nissan 370 that we tested , it changes the front bumper , which incorporates LED daytime running lights, there are two new colors for the exterior and changes the design of the optional 19-inch wheels (to see better the red brake calipers as standard). The rims that it normally mounts are 18 inches. In the inside , the revised 370Z maintains the high quality of materials and numerous standard equipment with which already had the original model. The only novelty is the arrival of a new frame of instrumentation in black.It does not stand out for its practicality. It is difficult to access inside (the seats are very low), the visibility is improvable and the boot, besides being small, is unusable because it has very irregular shapes. It’s an expensive model, but there is not a two-seater sports car on the market that offers so much for less, so its price is reasonable .In his favor, an excellent driving dynamics . It is possible to take it fast without being a pilot of high flights but when you look for its limits it brings out all its aggressiveness. In that sense, there are less demanding cars, while more comfortable when driving on roads in poor condition. In addition to the 370Z with 3.7-liter V6 engine that yields 328 hp, there is a preparation of Nismo , high performance that increases the power of 344 hp ( see test ). They have specific details in their design, much more aggressive, and in their frame, focused on getting a more sporty car. This version also received in 2014 its aesthetic update , with which it differs much more from the rest of the range.

The first means of transport to use a gasoline engine to get around was a car that contained only three wheels and was created in the year 1885 by a German named Karl Benz.From then on began the race for the production and sale of automobiles, initiated by a French company known by the name of Panhard et Levassor. In the year 1892, the well-known Henry Ford manufactured his first car, the Ford, in North America .The British entered the competition a little later, compared to other European countries, due to a law in force at the time, known as “red flag” – the car could not exceed 10 km per hour and should carry a person holding in front a red flag to signal to the pedestrians that the car was passing, at least 60 meters away, at night used a flashlight.The first English car to be produced was the Lanchester (see photo), followed by Subean, Swift, Humber, Riley, Singer, Lagonda, among others.In 1904 was manufactured the first Rolls Royce containing a device composed of several pipes in the form of bow and fan, intended to prevent circulating water reaching harmful temperature, which is known today as radiator and would not suffer any change.European countries continued to diversify their fleet, in France came the De Dion Bouton, Berliet, Rapid, in Italy came the Fiat and Alfa Romeo, in Germany came the Mercedes-Benz; Switzerland and Spain to diversify decided to create a more powerful and splendorous series: Hispano-Suiza.When the First World War came to an end the manufacturers decided to invest in a more economical fleet, the cars would be more condensed and produced in sequence.In the United States of America, Henry Ford and Willian Morris in England made copies such as Ford, Morris and Austin, which were very successful, demand was much higher than expected, leading other factories to immediately start producing cars with the same configuration.

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